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HOA Community Management Solutions 

Management companies are at their best when common day-to-day processes are streamlined and automated, creating a more efficient way to run communities, and simultaneously keeping homeowners happy. 

In today’s digital workplace, the best way to achieve this level of performance is by choosing the right software tool for the job. That tool is a community management software suite specifically designed for the association space, ensuring it has all the features management companies need, and none they don’t. 

What is HOA community management? 

Today’s management companies need ways to interact with their homeowners digitally, while also overseeing all their back-office practices, from accounting to processing management service requests and dealing with vendors. 

The FRONTSTEPS HOA community management platform puts all these features in an easy-to-use package, combining the office functionality of FRONTSTEPS Caliber with the powerful homeowner and HOA board member experience of FRONTSTEPS Community. 

A streamlined experience for management company personnel 

Executives and staff at management companies trust FRONTSTEPS Caliber to manage all their accounting community oversight functions through an easy-to-comprehend dashboard. The data is synced with FRONTSTEPS Community through the FRONTSTEPS Cloud, ensuring everyone, from internal staff to HOA board members and homeowners, are working with the same information. 

Even when management companies deal with numerous different communities, the process doesn’t have to be complicated. This is because the FRONTSTEPS platform offers a simple dropdown menu, so personnel can oversee data, tickets, requests and more management services for each of the associations they’re responsible for. 

FRONTSTEPS Caliber allows users to craft their own architectural processes, with any combination of forms and limitations based on what is allowed in that community. Homeowners can be prompted to upload forms such as plans for their design and paint colors, requiring less back-and-forth during the process. 

Today’s technology platforms even enable mobile access to features such as property inspections, allowing managers to get work done on site. From issuing a regulatory violation to checking an item off of a maintenance request punch list, there are plenty of functions performable from the field. 

A wealth of information for homeowners 

The FRONTSTEPS HOA community management platform provides value by making more information accessible to homeowners at the touch of a button, ensuring they don’t have to make calls to the HOA management company offices to have their questions answered. 

Homeowners can immediately access information about any violations affecting their accounts, as well as all community rules and regulations. They can also use FRONTSTEPS Community to file new architectural requests, amenity reservations in common areas, maintenance requests or work orders of any kind. 

The FRONSTEPS Community platform always contains informational features such as the bulletin board, the community dashboard and community member request submission. Management companies can enable more functionality at will, including amenity reservations and local knowledge databases. 

What’s the value of HOA community management technology? 

Using a unified community management platform delivers value to management personnel and homeowners alike. 

  • Management company personnel get hours back in their days, with quick and efficient ways to handle their day-to-day work and less need to speak directly with homeowners. One office can easily oversee multiple communities with ease. 
  • Homeowners and HOA board members gain a streamlined way to retrieve information and communicate with the HOA management company. They can spend less time dealing with the business, leading to increased satisfaction. 

Features of FRONTSTEPS’ HOA community management solution 

Association management 

  • Manage multiple communities and homeowner associations from a simple navigation bar. 
  • Oversee relationships with all vendors from one centralized information storage area. 


  • Easily send out mass emails to groups such as homeowners, occupants, board members, vendors and third parties. 
  • Offer the Community mobile app to homeowners, so they can directly access community information and use self-service features. 

Knowledge base creation 

  • Generate knowledge bases for each community’s rules and violations, so each community member has all the information they need about regulations, fines and follow-ups. 

Mobile functionality 

  • Allow personnel to upload information related to inspections, architectural requests, maintenance requests, violations and more from mobile devices. 
  • Enable connectivity without a constant mobile signal, allowing managers to work on-site, whatever the connectivity situation may be. 

Homeowner portals 

  • Offer community portals through which homeowners can submit an architectural request or work order, easily and 100% online. 
  • Customize portals with a specific community’s branding to create an appealing user experience and enhance customer service. 

Internal customization 

  • Generate customized architectural request processes, ensuring a comprehensive process. 

HOA community management as part of an HOA technology platform 

The FRONTSTEPS family of interconnected products enables management companies to offer a wide variety of benefits to their own employees and homeowners, no matter how many communities they are responsible for. 

The suite comprises: 

To learn more about the all-in-one FRONTSTEPS HOA management software platform and see it in action, request a demo with our experts. 

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