Pass and Hardware Return Policy

This page outlines the return policy for items sold by FRONTSTEPS. Please refer to this first before beginning the return process.

General Return Policy:

To receive a credit on a return, the item(s) must be in UNUSED condition and in the original packaging.  If you are trying to exchange or replace items, please refer to our Warranty Policy for more information.

FRONTSTEPS reserves the right to determine whether a product qualifies for a return. If it is decided that the returned product does not qualify for a refund, FRONTSTEPS will notify the customer within (90) days, beginning at the time of issuance of the RMA, that the request has been rejected. The notification will include reasoning for the rejection, as well as next steps.

The customer has the following options regarding the removal of the returned product:

  1. Customer pays for the returned product to be sent back to their facility.

  2. Customer allows FRONTSTEPS to dispose of the returned product.

If one of the above options is not communicated to FRONTSTEPS within (30) days of receiving the rejection notification, FRONTSTEPS will dispose of the returned product.

The item(s) being returned MUST be received by FRONTSTEPS on or before the given time period pertaining to the item(s). (See Below)

Please review the Hardware – Return Policy and the Standard Guest Passes – Return Policy below for return time periods. Any item(s) returned after the allotted time will not be credited.

The following costs are associated with each return.

  • Restocking Fee – 15% restocking fee will be applied towards item(s) being returned.

  • Orders containing 7 or more of the same item(s) that are cancelled are subject to a 20% cancellation fee AND the restocking fee.

  • Shipping – Customer pays freight charges back to FRONTSTEPS.

General Return Exceptions:

Products that meet the below criteria CANNOT be returned or CANCELLED.

  • Credential Access Device – These are devices that have been programmed specifically for a customer’s community. Examples would include, but are not limited to: key fobs, proximity cards, RFID & UHF vehicle tags, etc. These products are unable to be resold or used by other customers.

    • Note: The above only applies to credential access products that have been ordered incorrectly. If the correct product was ordered and is defective, please contact technical support to troubleshoot the issue.

  • Custom made passes – Passes made specifically for a community cannot be returned.

Once the order has been approved by the customer, FRONTSTEPS is unable to process any cancellations. Please follow the link or see below for a list of nonreturnable products. Special Order / Custom Order – Return Policy.

Hardware – Return Policy:

Hardware products are eligible for a return and refund within (90) days of the purchase date.

To qualify for a return the hardware must be in “Brand New”, UNUSED condition. Used products will not be accepted for a credit.

Please refer to the General Returns Policy for return exceptions and fees.

Exceptions to the (90) day policy are listed below. These items have a strict (30) day return policy.

  • LPR systems (computers, cameras)

  • Scan Kiosk Stations

Hardware Deemed Nonreturnable

All returned hardware will be inspected and assessed for damage and usage. If it is determined that the returned hardware has been used and is unable to be resold, FRONTSTEPS will not issue a credit for the hardware. The returned hardware will be sent back to the customer at the customer’s expense or disposed of by FRONTSTEPS.

Standard Guest Passes – Return Policy:

Standard guest passes are eligible for a return and refund within (30) days of the purchase date. However, to receive a credit, the return must meet the following criteria.

  • The box must be returned UNOPENED and damage free. If we determine that the box has been opened or damaged, we are unable to process the credit. Please make sure to read the box description carefully before opening.

  • The passes MUST be packaged inside of another shipping container. This will mitigate the risk of damage when being shipped back.

Please refer to the General Returns Policy for return exceptions and fees.

Guest Passes Deemed Nonreturnable

Returned Guest Passes that do not meet the above criteria are deemed to be nonreturnable and are not eligible for a refund.

The customer will have the option to pay for the Guest Passes to be shipped back to them, or FRONTSTEPS will dispose of the passes for the customer.

If FRONTSTEPS does not have confirmation from the customer to ship the passes back within (30) days of receiving the return, FRONTSTEPS will dispose of the passes.

Special Order / Custom Order – Return Policy:

Special Order / Custom Orders CANNOT be returned for credit. Please see list below of part numbers that are nonreturnable.

9000-023-01 HID 1346 ProxKey III Keyfob

9000-024-01 HID ISOProx II Card 1386

9000-025-01 HID iClass SE Key II

9000-026-01 HID Prox 1326 ProxCard II

9000-027-01 HID iClass SE

9000-028-01 HID iClass SE Clamshell

9000-029-01 HID 200X iClass Card

9000-030-01 HID iCLASS® 2050 iCLASS Key II

9000-031-01 HID iCLASS 2100PGGMN iCLASS Card

9000-035-01 Transcore 13-5406-XXX Hardcase Active Tag

9000-036-01 Transcore 13-5402-XXX Hardcase Passive Tag

9000-038-01 Transcore 13-0711-951 License Plate Tag Half Frame

9000-052-01 Transcore 13-3290-001 Windshield Micro Mini Tag, Full Frame

9000-053-01 Transcore 13-6750-001 Micro Mini Windshield Tag, Half Frame

9000-054-01 Transcore 10-4012-009 Encompass Reader eGo, RS232

9000-055-01 Transcore 76-1620-005 Encompass Power Supply 110VAC to 18VAC

9000-056-01 Transcore 58-1620-006 Encompass Communication Cable – 35′

9000-057-01 Transcore 54-1620-003 Encompass Bracket Pole Mount

9000-066-01 Infinity, Carina RFID Reader, Range 20-25′

9000-067-01 Infinity, Procyon RFID Reader Range 30-35′

9000-068-01 Infinity, Communication Cable 20′

9000-069-01 Infinity, Communication Cable 40′

9000-070-01 Infinity, Windshield Tag Non-Transferrable

9000-071-01 Infinity Headlamp Tag Non-Transferrable

9000-072-01 Infinity, Windshield Tag Transferrable

9000-073-01 Infinity, Hang Tag 4.75″ x 3.25″

9000-074-01 Infinity, Hang Tag 6.25″ x 3.25″

9000-100-01 5626595 – UHF Target/Transit Ultimate Pole Mount Kit

9000-101-01 5793785 – UHF Soft Plastic Card Holder

9000-102-01 5793793 – UHF Hard Plastic Card Holder

9000-103-01 7591152 – UHF Reach/Transit Entry Weather Hood

9000-104-01 9206388 – UHF-Mifare/DesfireCombi PKG 25

9000-105-01 9206663 – UHF uPass Access up to 6ft

9000-106-01 9215255 – UHF External Tag PKG 25

9000-107-01 9217371 – UHF uPass Target up to 30ft

9000-108-01 9218335 – UHF Target Weather Hood

9000-115-01 9943943B – UHF Only Card (1000+)

9000-116-01 9943960 – UHF Legic Advant Combi PKG 25

9000-117-01 9945466 – UHF uPass Target up to 30ft

9000-118-01 9945946 – UHF Windshield Tag Spec PKG 25

9000-119-01 9946918 – UHF Windshield Tag TmprRes Spec PKG 25

9000-120-01 9947418 – UHF Windshield Tag W26 PKG 25 FC: SEQ Start:

9000-121-01 9947426 – UHF Windshield Tag TmprRes W26 PKG 25

9000-122-01 9954104 – UHF-Prox CombiCard Spec PKG 25

9000-123-01 9954112 – UHF-iClass2K CombiCard PKG 25 (W26)

9000-124-01 9955836 – UHF-Prox CombiCard W26 PKG 25

9000-125-01 9955844 – UHF-Prox CombiCard W26 PKG 100

9000-126-01 9959343 – UHF-iClass2K CombiCard PKG 25 (Blank)

9000-127-01 9959351 – UHF-iClass16K CombiCard PKG 25

9000-128-01 9966765 – UHF Dual ID Card Holder PKG 10

9000-129-01 9882650 TRANSIT Window Button

9000-131-01 BAI L85 Barcode

9000-132-01 BA-L85-BW-25

9000-133-01 P30DMG ioProx card Mag Stripe

9000-059-01 BAI Barcodes, Black on Black

9000-060-01 BAI Barcodes Black on White

9000-061-01 BAI, Barcodes Custom Stripe on Custom Background

9000-062-01 BAI, 440 Reader Combo with 24V PS and Wiegand Output

9000-064-01 Linear, Transmitter – Single Button – Block Coded

9000-065-01 Linear, Transmitter – Single Button – Custom Coded

9000-109-01 9219641 – UHF Extl Mount HD Tag PKG 10

9000-110-01 9875840 – UHF Reach/Transit Entry Adj Mounting Kit

9000-111-01 9942343 – UHF-Mifare CombiCard PKG 25

9000-112-01 9942360 – UHF-EM CombiCard PKG 25

9000-113-01 9943803 – UHF Reach/Transit Entry Pole Cap Mount

9000-114-01 9943943 – UHF Only Card (<1000) PKG 25

9000-135-01 HID 1336 DUOPROX II, NO SLOT

9000-135-01 HID 1336 DUOPROX II, NO SLOT

9002-042-01 Custom Printed Guest Passes

9002-043-01 Custom Pass Printing Plate Creation Charge

Damaged Products:

Please check your order immediately upon receipt and notify FRONTSTEPS via [email protected] or (800) 992-4384 x8211 if your order arrives damaged.

The customer has (48) hours to report any product damage to FRONTSTEPS.

Please send photos of the damaged item(s), including the box the item(s) were shipped in to the above email address. Once received, FRONSTEPS will take the required action to alleviate the problem.

If it is determined that the damage was caused during shipping, FRONTSTEPS will contact the shipping company and file the necessary damage claims. FRONSTEPS will then arrange to have the damaged item(s) returned and replaced for the customer.

RMA Process:

If you have carefully reviewed this document for specific policies and procedures pertaining to your order, and you trust that the item you have purchased qualifies for a return, please begin the return process by emailing Procurement at [email protected] with your return information.

The return information should include the following:

  • Order Number – The Order Number is defined as a Purchase Order number and/or a Sales Order number. This number can be found on your emailed order confirmation.

  • Serial Number – Please provide the serial number of the unit being returned.

Once Procurement has received the return request, the customer will be issued an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and return instructions. Please note that RMA Numbers are only valid for 30 Days.

RMA Instructions (Except Visitor Passes):

Please reference the RMA Number issued by Procurement on the Shipping Label and ship to the following address:

Attn: RMA # _____

FRONTSTEPS Procurement

1290 N Broadway

Suite 1250

Denver CO, 80203

RMA Instructions (Visitor Passes):

Please reference the RMA Number issued by Procurement on the Shipping Label and ship to the following address:

Attn: RMA # _____

HQ Fulfillment Logistics C/O FRONTSTEPS

3865 Grape St. #2

Denver, CO 80207


Failure to follow RMA instructions could delay the refund process.