About Us

We’re passionate about powering safe, informed, and efficient communities.

The modern community demands guidance and care. Our powerful software provides communities with peace of mind through integrated security solutions, instant access to a streamlined community resource hub, and management tasks simplified in one place. We’re driven to succeed with an incredible team and strong leadership.

Core Values

Develop our people   |   Take care of the customer at all times
Move with purpose & urgency   |   Be open, honest, & transparent
Innovate & fail forward   |   Be courageous

Develop our people |
Take care of the customer at all times |
Move with purpose & urgency |
Be open, honest, & transparent |
Innovate & fail forward |
Be courageous|

Employee Recognition

Karla Nascimiento
Karla NascimientoDevelop our people
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Karla is always ready to not only provide answers to the difficult questions, but she is willing to show HOW she came to those resolutions. Her ability to teach and uplift our team members echoes throughout the company. She continues to be a beacon of knowledge by teaching, sharing and mentoring others. She is the perfect example of a stellar team member!
Kaelyn Vass
Kaelyn VassBe Open, Honest, and Transparent
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Kaelyn started as our Email Marketing Coordinator in November and has quickly stepped up to the task and navigated the complexities of B2C homeowner registration marketing through open and honest communication. Her ability to communicate when something seems off is a main contributor to the marketing team successfully navigating the complexities of B2C homeowner registration emails.
Jeff Dunn
Jeff DunnInnovate and Fail Forward
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Jeff Dunn has "dunn" a great job of applying all the lessons learned in his new role to reignite the banking relationships and sales channels for FRONTSTEPS. Most recently he has partnered with teams across the business to obtain and analyze existing data in a way that has never been used before. Well dunn, Jeff, and keep the progress coming!
Kavita Guttula
Kavita GuttulaBe Courageous
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Kavita has shown courage and conviction in her short time at FRONTSTEPS. She has brought innovative ideas to the product team and has stepped up to share her insights and knowledge about product management by offering informative learning sessions. Her courage to bring forth new ideas and concepts sets a great example for our team members throughout the company.
Savannah Stephenson
Savannah StephensonTake Care of the Customer at all Times
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Savannah was recently designated as the point person for a new set of projects. Her efforts in learning about and using the customer's repository will assist in streamlining the collection process for the individual Builder teams. She is very good at follow-up, execution, and always looks for ways to improve our customer satisfaction.
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