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You Asked, We Listened: Focusing on User Experience

Our goal is to make software that simplifies the lives of property managers, board members, and residents. We aim to elevate the resident experience within your community by offering unique self-service capabilities that bring convenience to everyday tasks from paying dues to reserving various amenities. We focus on resolving time-consuming inefficiencies that have plagued property management companies for far too long. And the way we’re doing all of this is by building user-focused software that’s intuitive and pleasure to use.

We have been working to collect feedback from customers to learn more about the features they love within FRONTSTEPS, as well as the features that could use improvement. The goal of this is to determine which features need small tweaks in order to make them even easier to use. We’re going to be releasing these enhanced features as part of a new initiative that we’re calling, you asked, we listened. We’ll be using this hashtag on our social media accounts, as well as a blog tag, so you can easily access the latest user-focused enhancements that have been released.

First up is the +New button. The previous layout for this button was clunky and somewhat confusing. On every page of the platform you could add anything, rather than simply adding a new item specific to the page you were on. Here’s what it previously looked like.

We implemented a new button that’s specific to the page you’re on. In the example below, the user is on the Forum page, so the button simply says, “+Forum Discussion.This will make it easier for users to add the item they need to, rather than scrolling through a long list to find what they’re looking for.

Stay tuned for additional updates that will be coming to the platform soon. Spoiler alert: we’re going to be making updates to the navigation that will make it much easier for users to navigate throughout the software so you can get where you need to go with ease.

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