Three Non-Negotiables with Association Accounting Software

We know thinking about community financials can be stressful. It’s probably the most essential element when determining your association’s success. By employing an all-inclusive accounting software solution, your management team can transform these stressful situations into simple daily tasks. All while pushing your management company to grow, streamline processes, and get on track for greater profitability.

There is so much that goes into creating a successful accounting process, it can be overwhelming. Today, we’ve categorized three crucial aspects you should put at the top of your list when looking for these pieces of technology.

1. Transition

You’ll need a team to assist with importing your association’s data. These individuals will ensure a smooth migration to your new platformOften enough, transitioning yourself to a new platform can cause frustration and mistakes. These stressors can both be eliminated if your new provider has professionals helping with the process.

2. Training

If you select a comprehensive platform for your accounting, chances are they’ll provide training. With this training, you should receive personalized messages tailored to your association. Training is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your new platform and utilizing all the available features.

3. Ongoing Support

Support is one of the most significant concerns management has when working with an accounting provider. Things happen, questions arise, and you want to get answers as soon as possible. Making sure your new platform has educated, and helpful individuals waiting for you is essential.

Accounting is important in the development and growth of your community association. You should also be asking these questions:

  • Can your residents pay online?
  • Does this software provider offer banking integrations?
  • How many associations are you managing?
  • How large are these associations?
  • Are you overlooking any community spaces?
  • Can your management team process work orders online?

Make the day-to-day simpler for your management team, stay organized, and enable your communities to prosper. To learn more about all the features within the FRONTSTEPS Suite, connect with a sales representative today and schedule a demo!

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