Why Management Companies Are Pouring Money Into Homeowner Portals

Benefits of Homeowner Portals for Management Companies

What if, as a property management company, you were already behind the times?

Like many management companies, you may use five or more different software products to help deliver a smooth customer service experience. However, change is in the air. More management companies are beginning to invest in new tools, including useful homeowner portals that change their entire approach to customer service.

Why are these portals a major game-changer for property management companies like yours? Let’s take a look.

Getting the Edge Over Your Competition

One of the primary reasons management companies invest in homeowner portals is to get an edge over the competition. Homeowner portals provide a decidedly better customer service experience.

A portal creates a smooth, uniform online experience for all your customers. This can help you compete for HOA contracts and stand out from your peers.

Once HOA boards and customers alike discover how customer-centric you are, you will get the edge and gain more business.

Curbing Burnout for Community Association Managers

It’s well known that good community association managers are essential to a management company’s reputation and growth. And, if you want to keep CAMs from getting burnt out, modern homeowner portals are key.

CAM burnout often comes from fielding a plethora of questions from varying directions. The never-ending flow includes emails, texts, and customers walking in to onsite offices.

With a modern homeowner portal, that experience changes fast. CAMs can quickly provide online updates to homeowners. In turn, homeowners will have a convenient way to submit requests, check payment status, and more. This results in fewer headaches for your CAM, and consequently less risk of burnout.

Winning the Right Clients

At the end of the day, who you work with really matters. It’s not enough to get as many clients as possible. You also want to win over the right clients.

When a management company starts using homeowner portals, you do more than just impress the homeowners. You also show community associations that you are invested in both modern solutions and modernized customer service.

There are certainly community associations that are satisfied with “bargain basement” management companies. But if the association doesn’t really care who they work with, do you really want to work with them? By investing in a top-flight homeowner portal, you improve the odds of finding the right fit clients who are equally invested in superior service.

Get the Best Homeowner Portals Today!

FRONTSTEPS Community is one of the association management industry’s most popular and fastest-growing homeowner portals, for a few reasons. It has more communication features for reaching homeowners, richer self-service for empowering residents to complete tasks online, and a highly capable mobile app that puts the convenience of community living in the palm of residents’ hands. 

Ready to discover the difference that superior homeowner portals can make? Get started today!

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