Key Insight #3: Software Consolidation  

The third key insight from the Community Pulse survey confirmed and added color to a widely held belief. Specifically, property management companies have been snatching up software to manage more aspects of their business. Last year alone, most organizations invested in at least one new technology solution in their search for the best HOA software. 

Those areas of focus: 

  • 53% invested in new technology for homeowners and boards 
  • 45% invested in new technology for CAMs and office staff 

At a task level, these independent products can save time, but at an organizational level, the software sprawl can have the opposite effect.  

And the products are adding up quickly. One in three management companies are using five or more software products to manage their communities. This presents a lot of complexity for new employees to learn, and creates ‘islands’ of information sitting in separate systems that hampers organizational efficiency. 

One possible fix? Software consolidation.  

Matt DeWolf, our Chief Product Officer, had this to offer: “The industry is seeing the importance of partnering with a single provider that connects all parties – community association managers, board members, homeowners, and vendors. The last thing that you need is a poor user experience for your community managers. It’s never easy working with double-entry on homeowner data or with unintegrated systems that don’t cooperate.”  

Community managers can move faster with a tech stack that is tightly connected under a single platform. Software consolidation frees up time to focus on building relationships with residents in your communities.  

Ready to learn what fully integrated software can do for your organization? Experience the best HOA software. Schedule a personalized demo today.  

Download the full report to learn about other pressing challenges in the industry.

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