Gated Neighborhoods: Navigating Shortages of Security Hardware

Supply Chain Shortage of Security Hardware

During the months of December 2021 through March 2022, there was a glimmer of hope. Global supply chain pressures showed signs of easing. Unfortunately, in April 2022, as renewed strains came about, conditions worsened.

A gated neighborhood protects the people who live in their community. However, what happens when the gated neighborhood security hardware is not functioning, and due to supply chain issues, cannot be fixed right away? Then what?

Here are some tips for making the best of a difficult situation.

Balancing Safety With Convenience

Homeowners rely on their gated neighborhoods for safety, but they also want it to be convenient, particularly when they come and go. And they want that convenience extended to the vendors and guests who arrive to visit them.

Anyone who frequently enters and leaves the community will be frustrated if the gate is not working as planned. 

Global supply chain challenges and back orders make an uncomfortable situation almost unbearable. When access control devices, parking control, telephone entry systems, and vehicle gate operators are not performing their tasks and you cannot get a replacement for them, the headaches start.

Here is what you can do to prevent or minimize this pain.

Invest in Flexible Software

Security software is the hidden backbone to your visitor management system. 

It is important to invest in flexible software so that you can keep your options open. Some security products only work with a specific set of hardware models. This can mean you may need to toss the software in addition to the new hardware implementation.

You can prevent such challenges when you purchase flexible software from the beginning.

Choose a Well-Connected Installer

There is a popular old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” For a gated neighborhood, it is no different. When challenges arise, you want to have a relationship with an installer that has experience with your neighborhood layout, devices, and visitor expectations. This is critical and will ensure you can get up and running fast should something break.

Additionally, check your installer’s ability to source devices. Many experienced installers are tightly connected with hardware manufacturers and resellers and may help you snag equipment that is difficult to procure on your own. 

Plan Ahead

The world is not out of the clear with supply chain issues. When replacing or upgrading your hardware, assume that replacement hardware can take longer than expected to arrive. Pad your calendar a bit to accommodate for the delays that supply chain hiccups can cause.

Endless Possibilities for a Gated Neighborhood

FRONTSTEPS Dwelling (formerly dwellingLIVE) offers your gated neighborhood the visitor management and credentialed access features it needs and interoperates with a wide range of leading hardware devices – giving you more options in an uncertain environment.

See it for yourself: Schedule a personalized demo now!

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