How Community Managers Can Make Gated Communities Run Smoother

According to recent reports, homes that are in gated communities are significantly safer than in non-gated communities. In fact, non-gated communities endure 33% more burglaries than gated communities do.

While gated communities have significant benefits, they can still be challenging to oversee for Community Managers, particularly regarding visitor management systems. Residents expect that the gate security system will keep bad actors out, while also letting the right people come in quickly.

Often, front gate maintenance is relegated to a security systems installer, rather than the management company serving the comminity’s other needs. However, the community’s reputation and quality of life depends on the visitor management system working just as designed. Community association managers (CAMs) who know this area can provide a higher level of service to the valuable gated communities in their portfolio. Keep reading to discover how to keep residents happy in your smooth-running community!

Know Your Security Installer

Just like a home appliance or your personal vehicle can have problems and break from time to time, so will the hardware for the front gate. Like any piece of equipment, you need a professional to help you.

A member of the HOA board may be the first person to contact the installer if anything goes wrong, but the community manager should be in the loop. A fast response is imperative because the longer the repairs take, the more unhappy the residents will be. Be sure to keep their contact information in a safe place to be pulled up quickly when challenges arise.

Remember, too, that just like when you find an excellent mechanic for your car, you stick with them versus vetting one out every time. You don’t want to search on Google for help when something goes array. Establish a working relationship with an installer you can trust.

Know the Visitor Management Software

Residents rely on the housing community management to know what they are doing with the tools they are given. Community Managers should know how to navigate the visitor management software and what its capabilities are.

Work with the software provider to gain detailed knowledge of how guest lists work. Learn what separates the best visitor management software from the pack, and verify that your commnuities are getting what they deserve. If not, encourage them to find something that is a better fit.

When you help them find the best visitor management software, it translates to a more reliable, convenient experience for residents. And your board will be thankful you stepped in!

Know the Schedule

Occasionally, you will have a resident that wishes to host an event, like an anniversary or birthday party. A line of cars can pile up to enter through the gate. The board should know such events are soon, and so should the CAM.

Also, prior to the event, it is a good practice to communicate with the homeowners. Let them know what the guests should expect upon arrival. When there is an established process and there has been enough notification of that process ahead of time, you will notice a much smoother outcome. (This is a great reason to connect your homeowner portal with your visitor management software so everything is in one place.)

Gated Communities and Community Managers

At FRONTSTEPS, we know that happy residents leads to happy community association managers and thriving neighborhoods. That is why we build visitor management, credentialed access, and homeowner portal solutions with every stakeholder in mind – from residents and boards to CAMs and security installers.

Streamline and simplify your front gate experience. Get started with FRONTSTEPS today!

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