February Release Notes for FRONTSTEPS Secure and Community

Our team is constantly making improvements to our software platforms. From fixing bugs to adding enhancements, our engineers are working behind the scenes to make the software you use on a daily basis more convenient and powerful.

These release notes are a way to keep our customers in the loop on what we’ve been working on, and what updates they can expect to see in the software platform. The following updates were released into production this month.


Our team has been hard at work making several feature enhancements within FRONTSTEPS Community this past month. From calendar and accounting updates to exciting directory enhancements, here’s what’s new:

Sorting by Last Name

Exciting news! Managers, Directors, and Concierge can now sort the directory by last name. These users have the ability to sort either ascending or descending by first or last name, making it easier to find specific community members. As part of this update, the search box now displays by last name.

Calendar Updates

We’ve received a decent amount of customer feedback around printing capabilities within the platform. Managers can now print the community calendar by day, month, and year. Additional roles will have the ability to print the calendar in the near future.

Another piece of feedback we’ve heard around calendar functionality is that customers would love the ability to filter by events and facilities We’ve released enhancements allowing Managers to filter all or none of the facilities or events, as well as filter by who an event is for. This makes the job of managing events much easier for Managers within communities that have several facilities.

Form Builder Update

As mentioned during last month’s form builder preview webinar, we’re continuing to build new capabilities within our custom form builder beta before releasing this feature live. For beta customers, we have now released notifications for this feature to help alert community members when a new form has been posted. Stay tuned for updates around when form builder will be available to all Connect customers.

Payment Reminders via SMS

Customers who sign up for payment reminders now have the option to receive reminders via SMS. These messages will contain a link that automatically logs them into the platform, allowing them to make a payment without having to type in their password.

Automatic Move-In/Out

Communities can be optionally configured to allow for auto move-in’s and move-out’s when they have one of the following accounting integrations: Jenark, VMS, CINC, and Caliber. Within the admin tool, simply navigate to the community configuration page and go to the move-in/out settings section and click “Automate Move-In/Out


Our team has been building condo high-rise specific features directly into the Secure platform, making the lives of your front desk, concierge, and security team even easier. Here’s what’s been released thus far.

Package Tracking

We have some exciting plans for incorporating new package tracking capabilities into FRONTSTEPS Secure. The first phase of this was to launch basic package tracking within the tool. Communities can now manually add and manage packages, while informing residents of both arrivals and pickups.

Parking Lot Management

In addition to package tracking, we’re also making it easier for communities to manage their parking lots. Managers can now add and edit parking lots, as well as assign individuals and their vehicles to specific spaces.

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