Exciting Digital Payment Updates You Should Know About

With over 224 million smartphone users in the U.S. alone, mobile payments have increased dramatically over the last several years, and are expected to continue to climb. Did you know?

  • When asked if they would load their card information into a smartphone or mobile wallet for the purposes of making a purchases, 44% of consumers said they likely or definitely would load a credit card or that they had already loaded one.
  • 54% of mobile payments in 2016 were made to pay a bill.
  • In the U.S., mobile wallets are expected to surpass the use of both credit and debit cards by 2020.
  • Most commonly, people make mobile payments through a smartphone web browser or a downloaded app.

The world has gone mobile, and we’re excited to announce that FRONTSTEPS has too. We’ve made it even easier for your residents to make digital payments by allowing them to make them via a mobile device in FRONTSTEPS. Below you can find everything we’ve built to make mobile payments a breeze.

Payments through the mobile app

The FRONTSTEPS resident app, available on iOS and Android, houses everything your residents need in one, convenient location. Within the app residents can quickly make a payment with the tap of a finger. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Payments through the mobile website

Let’s face it, you will have residents who won’t want to download the app for one reason or another. Maybe they don’t have enough memory space, or they simply avoid downloading apps. Whatever the reason, these residents will still be able to make payments via their smartphone or tablet on the website.

We’ve been hard at work on payment enhancements lately and have recently released the following non-mobile specific improvements as well.

Scheduling a payment

Imagine if you had to remember to manually pay your Netflix bill every month? That would be incredibly inconvenient, and there’s a good chance you would sometimes forget to make that payment because life gets in the way. Now you can provide the same convenience to your residents by allowing them to schedule a one-time payment or a recurring payment within FRONTSTEPS.

Fully integrated payments solution

With the additional of mobile payments, FRONTSTEPS now offers a fully integrated payments solution. With these enhancements, you’ll see that the balance auto-populates from the accounts receivable system so residents always know how much they owe. The Account ID is provided automatically making reconciliation a breeze. Best yet, no separate login is required to make a payment.

Quarterly dues payments are just around the corner. Encourage your residents to make them digitally from their smartphone! This will not only provide a level of convenience to your residents, it will significantly cutdown on the manhours and costs associated with processing and reconciling paper checks.

Interested in learning how digital payments can transform dues and fees collection for your business? Get your free copy of our whitepaper, 4 Aspects of an Effective Payment Solution!

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