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Community Resident Portal

Handling resident service requests, amenity use reservations and assorted homeowner questions can be a time-consuming process for management companies. A community resident portal is the primary way to provide relief for management staff, automating essential communications between managers and residents, and making life easier for everyone.

The Importance of a Community Resident Portal

An effective community resident portal is such a good investment for community management companies because its advantages reach everyone involved, from the people making service requests to the staff fielding their questions and the homeowners’ association boards responsible for maintaining a thriving community.

  • Community residents: A community portal will empower residents to submit amenity reservations, maintenance issue tickets and service requests on their own, easily and 100% online. Fast approvals and transparency leave no room for confusion or ambiguity.
  • Community association board members. Board members gain a direct view of the requests submitted by homeowners in their association and can quickly review and approve or reject any decisions that warrant their input, without additional phone calls or email exchanges.
  • Management company personnel: Staff members at management companies set up a portal to quickly and simply respond to homeowner questions, reservations, and service requests. Setting up automatic approval rules for certain amenities or service requests allows them to take no action at all for those activities, giving them hours back in their day.

Community Resident Portal Features

What kinds of communications between residents and community management staff can take place through a self-service digital resident services portal? Here are few of the most important features offered in the FRONTSTEPS Community portal.

Community Resident Portal

Amenity Reservations

  • Control access to community amenities.
  • Use automation rules for auto-approvals.
  • Set rules such as capacity limitations.


Approvals and Requests

  • Create and manage all approvals.
  • Manage all community work orders.

Resident Directory

  • Create a directory so residents can contact their neighbors.
  • View and edit resident information, sorted by registration status and role.
  • Manage all property documents.

Community Documents

  • Manage all community documents in access-controlled folders.
  • Upload external documents for viewing through the portal.
  • Create electronic forms for gathering additional information from homeowners as needed.
  • Display contact information for essential services or local businesses.

Homeowner Communications

  • Enable community discussion threads that can be monitored as needed.
  • Send bulletins through the portal website, app, email and text.
  • Empower homeowners to list classifieds and monitor as needed.
  • Alert homeowners of time-sensitive information with a banner notification across the top of the page.
  • Publish one-question surveys to gather homeowner views on new topics.
  • Create and send professional-looking email newsletters to the full community or smaller groups.
  • Send emergency voice notifications.

Community Calendar

  • Show upcoming event dates and facility reservation statuses.
  • Add and manage community event listings and set visibility by role.

Online Payments

  • Provide a more immediate and convenient way for homeowners to pay their assessments, directly within the portal. (Available with FRONTSTEPS Payments).

Accounting Integration Features

  • Submit and view architectural request details and progress.
  • Sync work order data with your accounting system.
  • Import and sync accounting documents, such as monthly financial reports.
  • Automate common tasks related to homeowners moving in or moving out of a community.
  • Manage violations, keeping homeowners and boards updated on progress.

Resident Portals With the FRONTSTEPS
HOA Management Platform

FRONTSTEPS is your all-in-one solution for community management. The integrated platform, which includes the community portal, effortlessly keeps community managers, board members, and homeowners on the same page. Greater access to relevant information means more efficient work, fewer questions, and a thriving community.