Webinar Recap: Best Practices for Building Engagement

Last week, our Senior Manager of Customer Success, Rachel Shaw, hosted an informative webinar covering how property and community managers can build community engagement on FRONTSTEPS. FRONTSTEPS is a powerful tool, however, it only works if your residents are actually using it. To help increase engagement, Rachel offers the following three steps. 

1). Get residents to sign in

Within FRONTSTEPS, you’ll find helpful email and letter templates to invite residents to the platform. Rachel recommends taking time to customize these templates to increase the
likelihood that your residents will actually read the invite, and click the link to login. Include your community logo, let residents know about everything they can do within the portal, and explain how this tool will make their lives easier.

Be sure to take advantage of the user dashboard. This helpful tool makes it easy to send out mass invites, track how many residents have actually accepted their invite, and how many are still pending. You can also resend invites with the click of a button to any residents who claim they didn’t receive your initial email.

2). Give residents a reason to login

It’s great if you can get your residents to login once, but your work isn’t done. It’s important that you provide fresh content within the portal to give residents a reason to continue logging in. Rachel recommends:

  • Frequently post bulletins about events, safety notices, and tips on features residents should be using within the tool.
  • Customize bulletins by creating groups. This will allow you to share bulletins with select groups of residents, ensuring bulletins are relevant to the audience reading them.
  • Keep your calendar updated! From adding community events to including facility reservations, keeping an updated calendar will help residents stay in the loop and can even increase attendance at events.

3). Encourage your team to be active

For this tool to be successful, your team needs to be active on it. Train property and community managers to quickly approve facility reservations and classified listings. Remember, you selected FRONTSTEPS to help reduce phone calls and visits to your office. If you don’t quickly respond to reservation requests, you’ll teach residents that the only way they can make a reservation is by picking up the phone and calling you. Quick approvals will lead to increased adoption and decreased phone calls. Who doesn’t want that?

Watch the webinar to learn more!


Additional Resources

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Is there a feature you’d love to see in FRONTSTEPS? Submit your ideas to our digital product board. Within this tool, you can also see which features we’re planning to release next.

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