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Utilize Your Community Calendar to the Fullest

Planning community events can present challenges for associations. It’s hard enough to get a small group together, let alone an entire homeowner’s association. 2020 has brought even more challenges that require more preparation from board members and community managers. Masks, social distancing, technology, zoom calls, website links, are just a few of the struggles and stresses that many associations are feeling today when working on creating these events.

Calendars enable individuals to plan, and take advantage of time! Monthly meetings, barbecues, garage sales, and committee gatherings can be scheduled months in advanced to allow homeowners a greater chance in participating.  Utilizing a software that includes a calendar feature can promote community wide events. Associations in the past have seen an increase in participation, homeowner knowledge and usability when taking advantage of calendar specific tools.

Some benefits of community calendars include;

  • Access to details about scheduled events including the date, time, location, as well as a description
  • Easy usability for homeowners and board members
  • Managers can easily delete, schedule, and reschedule events
  • Calendars are easy to access within community portals

This allows homeowners a seamless platform when exploring other details from the association! (i.e. discussions, amenity reservations, community documents, etc.) 

Communities across the United States have different regulations and protocols regarding COVID-19, we encourage you do abide by the CDC guidelines and utilize these tools and open amenities to the best of your association’s ability.

These calendars are a great place to facilitate community zoom calls. With many folks wanting to eliminate exposure, and managers wanting to keep homeowners safe, these types of meetings are a great alternative to meeting in person.

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