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The Importance of Gated Communities

Let’s discuss gated communities! When you first think of a gated community, you might imagine some fancy, expensive homes, right?  Well, that’s not always the case. Gates aren’t just for the exclusive celebrities we see on TV. The fact is more and more associations are utilizing gates to provide a sense of security for their homeowners.

Gated communities have been classified to provide the following; Safety, Status, and Privacy!

Safety: Gated communities have become a proven method of helping homeowners from burglary.

Status: Gated communities can be seen as a classy, sophisticated touch on a neighborhood.

Privacy: Gated communities promote less traffic and are seen as away to provide privacy those who live within it.

While these three characteristics might be all your community could ever want, there are also some hidden advantages! Having a gate within your community can result in;

1. Slower Vehicle Speed

a.    If you’ve struggled with homeowners and their visitors speeding in the past, this could be a potential solution. Not only does this make your community a safe place for children to play, but the limited traffic makes the roads safer. Controlled access to the neighborhood also means that there are less strangers within you community, and all visitors have a traceable record.

2. Higher Property Values

a.    Many of the attributes that go into creating gated communities are more valuable than the equivalent in non-gated neighborhoods. These gates make good investments and are shown to increase value.

b.    Gated communities often facilitate a larger sense of community. Activities such as neighborhood parties, sports, and groups are popular within these communities. These activities collectively foster a deeper sense of community.

3. Controlled Access

a.    Security & Control will be at an all-time high. Only homeowners and their invited guests will be allowed through the gate. Crime and another unwanted behavior are greatly reduced. Gated communities don’t completely stop crime, but they do reduce it. This capability gives homeowner peace of mind while away for the day, or for longer periods of time.

b.    Solicitation is most likely non-existent within these communities. With access control the only individuals coming to your door will be other homeowners and their children.

Are you ready to talk about Access Control in your communities? Schedule a Security Demo today!

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