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Remodeling Tips to Help Seniors in Your Community

There are approximately 47 million seniors living in the United States. If you have a large senior population in your community, it’s important that you start thinking of ways to make it easier for them to thrive in your community, as that’s where the majority of them will stay. According to the US Census, only 3.1% of seniors live in nursing homes. AARP reports that 87% of seniors want to “age in placeor stay within their homes rather than moving into a retirement community, nursing home, or assisted living facility.

As these individuals age, they’ll need to make improvements to their home to keep them safe and independent. Here are tips to help seniors in your community with upcoming remodeling projects.

Recommend reliable contractors

Over $37 billion is lost each year from scammers targeting the elderly. From telephone fraud and online scammers to even family members, many dishonest people are out to take advantage of the elderly. Be an advocate for elderly members of your community by helping them find reliable contractors. Recommend contractors that you’ve worked with in the past and trust. Host computer classes to teach them how to use reputable sites like Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor to find reliable help.

Make the ACH process a breeze

Complicated processes around submitting architectural change requests can confuse seniors and make them hesitate about starting projects. Send out hardcopy instructions on the process for setting up their account in your community management software and consider hosting classes to show them how to submit requests, check on approvals, and do other key tasks within the software. Seniors aren’t resistant towards adopting technology if they receive the proper training and support.

Give advice in your newsletter

Your community newsletter is an excellent tool to enrich residents’ lives by providing your professional tips and insight. We recommend making recommendations on everything from finding the right contractor to various projects that will make their homes more valuable and livable as they age.

Looking for a software solution that’s easy for all residents to use? Download our free checklist to help you find the right solution for your community!

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