Four Reasons You Should Join Our Payment Engagement Program

We recently launched a Payment Engagement Program for FRONTSTEPS customers looking to increase the number of residents making digital dues and fees payments. While the program is fairly new, we’ve already seen incredible success from customers who have completely the program. Here are the top four reasons you should sign up.

It’s free

This program is completely free and beneficial to all current customers. While software companies are notorious for charging extra for additional training, we decided to make this program free. We are invested in your success and understand the true value of digital payments for our customers, which is completely worth the investment on our part.

Become a FRONTSTEPS pro

A critical component of this program is helping our customers become true FRONTSTEPS experts so they can better serve their residents. We kick off the program by getting a better understanding on how comfortable you are using the platform, and then provide additional training as needed. As you begin you recruit more residents on the platform, you’ll likely receive questions about how to use the tool, and this training will help you answer any questions with confidence.

Get more bang for your buck

FRONTSTEPS is a powerful tool that can completely transform and simplify the way you manage your communities and communicate with your residents. However, it’s only beneficial if your residents are actually using the tool. This training will focus on driving more residents to sign up for and use the platform, beyond just making payments. Plus, with our FRONTSTEPS training sessions, you’ll get more value out of the tool as you start taking more advantage of all of its features.

Customers are saying great things

We’ve heard great feedback from customers who have successfully completed this program. Here’s what they’re saying:

“I would recommend this program to any Property Management Company who is interested in getting the most out of the software and simplifying the process of receiving dues and fees payments. Dominique Roberts, Condominium Administration Company

“We are very pleased with our Experience with the Payment Engagement Program at FRONSTEPS. We started using our portals for payments in March but did not realize how much more we could get out of it. Going through training and inviting residents onto the platform was a crucial step for us and has led to a less chaotic year end. Mike Miller, Stevenson, Williams Management Company

What are you waiting for? If you’re interested in taking advantage of everything FRONTSTEPS has to offer and increasing digital payments, email us at [email protected] to sign up for our Payment Engagement Program!

To learn more about how digital payments will benefit your business, download your copy of our free whitepaper, What Every Property Management Company Needs to Know About Free Checking.

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