Finding the Right Security Software for Your Community


20 miles south of Denver, nestled among pine trees and rock outcroppings, sits the picturesque community of Castle Pines Village. The Village is the definition of Colorado living, with miles of trails, an abundance of wildlife, and amazing views of Pikes Peak, Mount Evans, and the majestic Rocky Mountains. This private, luxurious community boasts first-class
amenities, world-class golf courses, and beautiful, custom homes. 

The Village is one of the few luxury communities in the state that has five access gates and a dedicated team in charge of providing 24/7 security for both residents and their guests. For the past four years, Richard Plotke, Director of Emergency Services, has been in charge of keeping this gated, covenant-controlled community safe and secure. 

Photo credit: Castle Pines Village


For years, Plotke and his team had been using lackluster software to handle the visitor management needs of his community. The level of customer support he received didn’t match the price he was paying for the platform. Plotke consistently experienced difficulties getting in touch with the support team and found that it took a long time for problems to get resolved. 

A colleague of Plotke recommended that he take a look at dwellingLIVE, a FRONTSTEPS company, to handle the security management needs of his community. As part of his research process, Plotke visited three gated communities in California that were using the platform. Everyone Plotke spoke to who used the software had great things to say about it. Impressed with what he saw, Plotke decided to make the switch to dwellingLIVE in March 2017.


Plotke states that moving to dwellingLIVE has been a positive change for the community. He’s extremely happy with the price, level of customer service, and the fact that they’re processing guests at a much faster rate. “We are able to get guests into the community in three seconds compared to 30 seconds,says Plotke.

The software helps Plotke and his team save significant time each week, as it’s much faster to call residents and process guests, and the software is much easier to use. When asked if he would recommend the software to friends and colleagues, Plotke replied, “Absolutely. The customer service is amazing, the overall product is great and works as it’s intended. I have no problem putting my name behind it./strong>

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