Fact or Fiction Regarding Community Assessments

When thinking about updating and utilizing online assessments to better your community, management companies might have reservations. However, by not using an online solution your community is swimming in inefficiencies. The question becomes, what is really true about adopting online assessments? We’ve done some searching, and here are a few of our findings.

Fiction: “Demographics such as age, play a huge part in adopting online payments within your community/p>

Fact: The willingness and ability of management companies to promote the usage of online payments is the primary driver of adoption rate within homeowners

Fiction: “Paying with paper checks is preferred by management companies/p>

Fact: 7% of checks are sent back to homeowners because they’re missing coupons

Fiction: “Paying by check is faster, and more secure than paying online/p>

Fact: Community Management companies spend up to $9,600 printing and shipping paper coupon books

Fact: Your community can save a tremendous about of time, and money by adopting payment software that allows homeowners to pay dues 24/7.

 As you can see there are many statistics proving the inefficiencies that associations around our space are struggling with. It’s also important to note with COVID-19 accepting paper checks could subject your management team to illness. Let’s improve procedures, and simplify things!

Are you curious about how online assessments can be implemented within your communities? Schedule a demo today!  

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