Defining Resident Engagement for Management Companies

We hear the term resident engagement thrown around a lot in the industry. Everyone knows it’s important, but we rarely hear actionable tips on how to develop and foster ongoing engagement in the long term.

FRONTSTEPS launched a new eBook, Driving Resident Engagement: A Community Management Company’s Guide. This guide dives into the why behind engagement and provides step-by-step instructions on building comprehensive engagement strategies for the communities in your portfolio. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing sections of the eBook on our blog to reinforce why engagement plans should be a critical initiative for every management company in 2020.

Before we dive into driving engagement, we must first understand what resident engagement truly means. Let’s start with the term community engagement. According to Penn State University, community engagement seeks to better engage the community to achieve long-term sustainable outcomes, processes, relationships, discourse, decision making, or implementation.

CFLeads, a national network of community foundations, specifically defines resident engagement as an approach that centers on helping community members identify the changes they want to see and then supporting them in pursuing their goals. The organization goes on to explain that community change is accomplished by working with residents, rather than doing things for them or to them.

Successful engagement strategies should aim to give residents a voice and work closely with them to make changes that will positively impact the entire community.

Can’t wait until next week’s post to learn more about resident engagement? Download your copy of our free eBook today!

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