Camera Connected World

Did you ever dingdong ditch as a kid? Or sneak out of the house in the middle of the night? Back in the day, we actually could do these things and for the most part, not get caught. It depended mostly on your ninja skills or if your stairs were creaky. It’s different today. That ARLO camera would bust you slipping out the back door. You wouldn’t get past the ding and the Ring doorbell would have your mug shot. We are a connected world.

In 2017, a report by McKinsey estimated that 29 million homes in the United States had some smart technology. That number is increasing by 31% a year. The home security camera has definitely led the charge and there’s no shortage of options and uses. The Japanese are developing camera systems to read people’s body language to detect shoplifting, there are cameras that farmers use to prevent pests from ruining crops, and the Lighthouse camera is described as, “a smart set of eyes that can very accurately tell you what’s going on.nbsp; 

SimplySafe, Ring, Nest, Arlo, and Logitech all have versions. 

“But in isolation they don’t provide the level of security that consumers are looking for,said Judy Jensen, FRONTSTEPS Head of Security Products.  “It’s when we share the data that we will take full advantage of the camera’s capabilities and build safer communities.nbsp;

Statistics say that, generally, crime rates are falling and yet, according to an FBI report released in late 2016, property crime results in losses totaling more than $14.3 billion. 

Gated and guarded communities are focused on gates and doors. This exterior level of security is certainly effective and provides deep and useful forensic data, but as you start connecting the cameras, you move the focus from the perimeter to the individual homes. When we do, we can address the needs of all communicates.

“It’s the democratization of security,said Jensen. “All communities can benefit from our shared platform.nbsp;

It’s why FRONTSTEPS continues to develop and improve the first-ever all-in-one security and community management platform for HOAs and property management companies. 

FRONTSTEPS bring simplicity to time consuming tasks, like:

  • Administrative work ensuring your community is run efficiency and securely.
  • Technology integrating with any system you have in place, from accounting to hardware.
  • Resident experience offering a single app that handles everything from payments to guest registration.
  • Control and guard companies giving you all necessary data in one place.
  • Small community security providing necessary resources to manage a safer community.

Read our white paper on Reinventing Security Technology in the Property Management Space for more information!

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