Amenity Reservation Features within Community Portals

Each and every homeowner enjoys having access to the facilities provided by their community. Whether that be at the gym, or the picnic tables at the park, these reservations make life easier for our homeowners. Sometimes, approving and making these reservations can be difficult for management teams. FRONTSTEPS has the ultimate Facility Reservation workflow, to help management teams approve, and view all these requests at one time. 

We know that last year was challenging, moving forward we want to help management teams support homeowner health and safety. Because of this, FRONTSTEPS has implemented a new feature within Facility Reservations to accommodate Social Distancing. Now, managers can put a limit on the number of homeowners allowed to reserve an amenity at one time. Helping management stay on top of requests and aid in keeping the entire community safe.

Community Amenities Sign within Community

Facility Reservations now feature an Auto-Approval option for managers. This is a great enhancement that will save managers the time and effort of approving/denying every request. With this feature enabled, homeowners can book an available time slot and receive instant approval without manager interference.

FRONTSTEPS Community Portals allow homeowners to reserve and make these reservations at any time they choose. Homeowners can only hold 5 upcoming auto-approved bookings at a time to ensure no homeowners is monopolizing any amenity.

Interested in implementing this feature in your community? Connect with a FRONTSTEPS representative today, and learn how Community Portals can benefit your homeowners!

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