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4 Ways Credentialed Access Brings Simplicity to Your Community

From ripping and replacing hardware to managing separate tools for everyday tasks, the process for adequately securing and managing your communities can be cumbersome. That’s why we built Secure.

Secure offers cloud-based credentialed access, visitor management, and community management within one simplified platform. That means fewer tools for your team to manage, less duplicate work, and far more capabilities. So, what exactly does simplified credentialed access bring to your community?

Hardware Agnostic

Secure is fully integrated with two of the industry’s most trusted hardware providers, Kantech and HID, with more integrations coming in the near future. Secure also works with most 26 Bit Wiegand readers in the market, eliminating the need for costly hardware replacements. Utilize superior security software without having to invest in expensive, new hardware.

Configurable Access Levels

Create access levels, door groups, and schedules and manage all of your access devices with ease in an intuitive interface. You can quickly provide customized access to staff members, residents, vendors, and guests to various restricted areas in your community such as pools, tennis courts, club houses, and maintenance rooms.

Detailed Reporting

The platform features a Live Monitor of all entries and exits for each door so your team can keep track of where vendors and guests are within the community. Plus, the software includes detailed reporting on all activity within the community, giving you access to vital forensic data that can assist with investigations when and if an incident occurs.

Resident Customization

Resident engagement and usability are two key aspects of every tool FRONTSTEPS offers. Secure provides a user-friendly interface for residents to upload personal information such as vehicle details to help your team keep track of who should be in the community and who shouldn’t. Residents also have the ability to upload the names, breeds, and photos of their pets, making it easier for your team to reunite pets when they get out.

Looking for ways to improve the safety of your communities? Download your free copy of our 7-Step Checklist for Securing Your Community today!

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