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4 Characteristics of an Operational Payment Solution

Did you know what 80% of homeowners say they want to pay assessments through a mobile application? Paying community assessments by check is a thing of the past. Not only are paper checks a huge inefficiency, but they come with a risk to homeowners.

Is your community still receiving a majority of their assessments by check? It’s might time to remodel your business practices. Step into the next generation of property management and utilize a tool that not only save money and time, but creates a safer environment for homeowners and your management team.

1.    Seamless Integration

  • Homeowners can pay assessments online through a mobile or desktop device at any time.
  • These homeowners are paying directly within your FRONTSTEPS portals.
  • The homeowners account balance auto-populates, and then they can choose their method of payment.
  • The payment is reflected on all integrated platforms whether that be within community portals, or within Caliber.

2.    Secure Transactions

  • According to the American Bankers Association, criminals are committing $7 billion dollars a year in check fraud.
  • As an association you’re under pressure to protect private banking information while collecting dues that are owned to you. By utilizing technology that eliminates unsecure spreadsheets, and documents you’re never touching sensitive information.

3.    Increased Credibility

  • One of the most important focuses for in HOA is building value. By employing an online payment service, you are protecting and promoting your association. This tool allows you to provide efficient services, as well as offering a productive place for homeowners to collaborate with their neighbors.
  • This type of software solution draws homeowners back to your site where they can engage in learn more about their community and neighbors. This means the community is run more efficiently and less questions will be presented to you as a manager.  

4.    Community Engagement

  • Today homeowners demand community engagement, and the opportunity to participate in conversations. Homeowners are concerned about the safety, events and logistics within their communities. You have the tools to deliver and maintain an online presence that is productive, private and valuable.
  • Not only do these solutions help advance communities but they limit possible contamination within your management offices. By making these transactions online you’re eliminating exposure to COVID-19. Your management team won’t be touching checks and other deliverables that could carry illnesses.

In conclusion, utilizing an online solution to help homeowners pay assessments is necessary. While change for some is difficult, just remember that you’re providing security and increasing your communities value one step at a time!

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