Why Your Team Needs Feedback from Residents

The best way to make positive improvements in your community is by going directly to the people living in it on a daily basis. These are the people that can give you the best insight into which changes, both small and large, will have the biggest impact on overall resident sentiment and experience.

Did you know that FRONTSTEPS makes it easy to collect bulk feedback through the use of surveys? Surveys can be a vital tool in differentiating your company from other management companies, showing that you’re focused on continuous improvement and that you value the feedback provided by residents.

We recommend sending out surveys on a quarterly basis to gauge overall sentiment of residents. Consider asking questions like:

  • How would you rate your overall happiness living in the community?
  • Do you have concerns, if so, what are they about?
  • Do you understand the role your management company plays in the community?
  • Are there certain things you’d like to see your management company do that it’s not currently doing?
  • Did you enjoy the events that were hosted in the community hosted the previous quarter?
  • What types of events would you like to see in the future?

If you have low completion rates, consider giving away something small like a $5 gift card for coffee to one lucky participant to see if that has an impact of submission rates. Be sure to promote your surveys using bulletins, newsletters, and even posting the link directly on your website.

There are several additional opportunities to use surveys to make improvements within your communities. For additional survey tips and advice on how to best analyze the results of the survey, download our free resident engagement guide!

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