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Why Every Management Company Should Focus on Resident Engagement

Last week we introduced the topic of resident engagement. We defined what it means to develop a resident engagement strategy for the communities you manage. Today we’re going to focus on why resident engagement is so important both for management companies and the communities in their portfolio.

Resident engagement is a vital strategy for management companies as it increases positive sentiment among residents, which in turn creates more desirable communities for residents to live in. And as everyone in this industry knows, happier residents lead to happier management teams as they’re dealing with fewer phone calls, emails, negativity, and more importantly, customer churn.

Who wouldn’t want to give residents a voice, help establish stronger relationships among residents, and collaborate to make the community even better? While this might sound amazing, it’s easier said than done. To properly engage your residents, there needs to be the right culture in place at the management company, more specifically, one that’s customer-centric.

Your team’s focus should be to provide exceptional customer service each and every day. This includes interactions with both board members and residents. It’s a competitive industry and one of the tried and true ways to differentiate yourself from the management company down the street is by showing that you really do care. By having your team work to put your customers first and make each decision with the customer’s best interest in mind, they’re on the right path towards driving resident engagement.

Ready to learn more about resident engagement? Download our free guide, Driving Resident Engagement: A Community Management Company’s Guide!

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