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Why are Builder Solutions Important?

Just like hospitals, retail companies, and startups utilizing a software solution can help make day-to-day tasks easier. These platforms are designed to keep you organized, integrated, and on a path towards success. However, one interesting thing is that most builders don’t utilize a solution like this. It’s actually been found at 43% of builders don’t use these types of solutions and have no plans in adopting them anytime soon.

But, WHY?!

Fear of the unknown? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it mentality? According to an article by Jim Schweigert that mentality will eventually lead to your business’ downfall. He says, “It won’t happen overnight, but without improving your company, division, process or basic business practices, you will start a slow decline into irrelevance and failure”. Therefore, advance and work on bettering your process, and systems.

There are multiple reasons why builders who use this software have success. But here are the three most pressing reasons;

  • Advance Communication

Build and maintain the relationship between homeowners and builders by utilizing messaging tools, and service requests.

  • Provide Clarity

These solutions allow you to view paint colors, floor plans, maintenance manuals, and request services from builders at the touch of a button.

  • Accommodate Homeowners

Homeowners now have 24/7 access to all their manuals and important documents regarding their home. So when it’s 11pm on a Tuesday and a new homeowner can’t sleep thinking about the refrigerator, they can look it up in seconds.

These solutions provide a secure and personalized touch to each home and community. Every manual uploaded is specific to the home, this allows questions to be answered efficiently. Many builder solutions also offer email/text message reminders for maintenance so you can maintain and take care of your home with ease.  

Builders also find that the customized reporting is especially helpful and creates an accessible, stress free experience. Homeowners appreciate these custom portals because they provide transparency when they need it most. 

Are you interested in exploring a builder solution? Connect with a dwellingLiveBuilder representative today!

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