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Three Questions You Should Ask When Demoing Condo Management Software

Are you in the process of searching for management software that will simplify the daily operations of your association? If so, you need to make sure you’re taking the time to do proper research, signing up for demos to see the software firsthand, and asking the right questions to make sure you’ll end up with a platform that meets the unique needs of your community. While you likely have a list of questions you’re planning to ask, we recommend making sure you ask the following three questions.

Package Tracking

With the rise in online shopping, your front desk is inundated with packages on a daily basis. Package tracking brings simplicity to this process allowing you to scan, organize, and distribute packages to residents with ease.

What to ask:

Is there a way to scan packages using a scanner, smartphone, or tablet that will import key details like name, address, carrier and tracking number?

If the solution doesn’t offer package scanning, it won’t simplify this workflow. Many providers require someone to manually enter this information into the system, which is extremely time-consuming.

In-App Payments

Paper checks are an outdated, wasteful form of payment. Digital payments allow you to say goodbye and good riddance to checks by allowing residents to pay assessments using credit, debit, or ACH.

What to ask:

Does the solution offer in-app payments, or are residents taken to third party sites?

Some solutions offer digital payments, however the process of making a payment can be very cumbersome. When residents are taken to a third-party website, there’s a good chance they’ll have to plug in additional passwords and/or account numbers and might question how secure their information is. If this process is confusing or seems iffy, there’s a strong chance they’ll continue paying with paper checks.

Resident Communication

An informed community is a happy community, and one that’s far more likely to retain its residents for the long term. Find a solution that makes it easy to keep residents in the loop on important news, events, and happenings within the community.

What to ask:

Does the solution allow residents to set up text and/or email notifications?

There’s a good chance the majority of your residents won’t login to the portal every single day. However, you want to make sure these residents don’t miss out on important information. Find a solution that allows them to choose how they want to receive updates, including the ability to opt-in to text or email notifications.

For additional advice to help you end up with the right condo management software, download our free software checklist!

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