The Relevance of Governing Documents

What are Governing Documents?

The main purpose of an associations governing documents is to provide the legal structure and operations of a community association.

These documents help define the rights, and obligations of both the community members and the association itself. They work to create a relationship between the association and homeowner, establish mechanisms for governing and funding the overall operation, as well as set rules and standards for those involved to abide by.

What are included within these documents?  

Within these documents there is a basic outline of how your association or management company will do the following;

  • Make an effort to protect homeowners and the community
  • Work to constantly enhance property values
  • Continually promote harmonious living

More specifically you’ll find;

  • Recorded Map, Plat, or Plan
  • Declaration, CC&Rs, Master Deed
  • Proprietary lease or occupancy agreement
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Board Resolutions

This brings us to the hierarchy of the documents. It’s important to note that there might be conflicting information within these documents. In that case it’s essential for community managers and board member to know which topic will overcome the other. CAI provided this example, “The declaration may state that there will be five board members, while the bylaws may call for seven board members. The document that is higher in the hierarchy would prevail If you are ever find this type of conflict, you can check out the graphic below as a reference.

Hierarchy of Governing Documents for a Community Association
Hierarchy of Governing Documents

Providing efficient access to these documents is instrumental for homeowners. Nothing is more annoying than having trouble getting the information you so desperately need. Luckily, FRONTSTEPS takes pride in their easy to use Community Portals! Within these portals homeowners are directed to a specific tab that holds all important documents uploaded by community managers. It’s also easy for management to delete and keep these files up-to-date utilizing our drag and drop system.

In conclusion, governing documents are important and essential when managing a successful community. If you have questions on how to improve your communities current access to these documents connect with a FRONTSTEPS representative today and learn more about our Community Portals.

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