The Purpose of HOA Boards

If you are new to an association, or haven’t previously been involved with your HOA you might be wondering;

Typically, an associations board is an elected group of volunteers that attend to a number of different tasks concerning the community. Once this board is established, they’ve made a commitment to better the community for the year, and problem solve with community members as issues arise.  

Board members have specific individual duties they must complete on a regular basis. These responsibilities can include making community wide announcements, keeping the association finances intact, as well as protecting homeowners from security threats. More and more go into making our communities a safe and nice place to live than some would think. This being another reason why these board members are so valued in each community.

Some of the most common duties of a board include;

1.    Enforcing Rules & Regulations

2.    Hiring Vendors

3.    Collecting Community Assessments

4.    Meeting for Improvements

5.    And More!

The board of an association will meet on a regular basis to keep things in order. They also issue special meetings if there are pressing problems that are time sensitive.

If you or another member of your household are interested in volunteering within your association, be sure to attend an open meeting. Gaining quality board members that volunteer their own time is essential in having a great community. These individuals lead projects that advance communities and improve the value of your home.

Board members must send out communication with homeowners when important announcements arise. Curious about how community portals can help facilitate discussion within your community? Contact us today!  

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