Summer Reading List

Did you know summer reading and learning can help with the impact of learning loss on disadvantaged youth? Increased time reading can improve reading, writing, and spelling ability, cultivate larger vocabularies, and develop understanding of complex grammatical structures. Let’s face it, the ending of our school year was a little different in 2020. This year more than ever we should be encouraging the facilitation of learning within the summer months. Why not start a community reading list for kiddos and parents? This is a great activity that can encourage community participation, while also keeping us distanced and healthy. Below we’ve attached some ideas for creating a summer reading list. We’ve also included some popular books that you might consider featuring.


1. Include lots of different genres on your list. Some homeowners may love historical novels while others might like non-fiction. Mix up the genres so your kids have lots of options.

2. Give participants alternate activities that coincide with the books on your list. For example, if you suggest a book about a picnic, suggest that your students go on a picnic with their families after reading the book.

3. Suggest sequels! This can keep reader interested, and this gives them the ability to accomplish reading many books.

4. Find a couple of how-to books that will encourage your children to pick up hobbies like stamp collecting or insect exploration.

5. Spark interest by including a short explanation of each book on your list, you can also include why you specifically chose the book.


2020 Must Haves for Children: 

LeBron James has a children’s book, “I Promise/a> set to release August 2020. The book encourages younger readers to strive for greatness in school, family, and community.

“It’s not my fault/a> by Jory John cheers kids on to tell the truth, and accept responsibility for their actions.

For more even more choices check out Barnes & Noble’s 100 Books of Summer for Young Readers!


2020 Must Haves for Parents:

“Little Fires Everywhere/a> is gaining popularity with a new television show giving their portrayal of the book. This book spent 3 weeks at number one on the New York Times best seller list.

If you’re into murder or mystery you’ll want to check out, “Where the Crawdads Sing/a> which has actually spent 90 weeks on the NY Times Best Seller List.

Interested in more adult finds? Checkout this comprehensive list, created by the Washington Post!

We hope some of these tips can help your community reading list become a hit this summer, Happy Reading!

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