Stand Out Community Manager Characteristics

Being a community manager is an important job that often gets overlooked. It takes a special individual who doesn’t fear multitasking and being a resource for many people at one time.

So, you’re a community manager or would like to grow into a role managing. What should you be striving for? What characteristics should you work on possessing to excel at this position?  

To begin, community managers have a difficult task when trying to blend homeowner wishes, and board rules and regulations.  Because of this, transparency is key! Communicate openly and honestly with board members and homeowners to ensure everyone is aware and on the same page.  

When working on transparency;

  • Share Knowledge
  • Be Available
  • Focus on Relationships

Another characteristic many managers should work towards, is the ability to compartmentalize or multitask. Usually compartmentalization has a negative connotation, but when entrepreneurs were asked about their success, this topic was very important to them. The idea behind it is simple, you’re isolating and focusing on difficult issues separately. It’s a coping strategy many successful people use. You push out other tasks and focus on one thing at a time. Being a manager requires a lot of effort, having the ability to handle stress is essential. Compartmentalizing is one step in managing this.

Lastly, your team is important. Not only should you work on relationships with coworkers, but distributing day-to-day responsibilities can help your workload and create streamlined processes.

When thinking about your team remember the following;

  • Stay positive and empathize
  • Communicating early and often
  • Building a relationship
  • Leading by example
  • Setting clear goals
  • Give recognition

Another way good managers work on organization within their offices is by employing good management software. Software helps keep your teams’ financials, assessments, workorders, and violations stay in order. Gone are the days jumping from platform to platform, managers who utilize new technology see higher levels of efficiency. Today, management can allow the hard work to be completed by the software, so they can focus on building relationships and connecting with boards and homeowners.

In conclusion, there are many different attributes to look for within effective managers. However, by employing some of these components you’re already halfway there! Are you curious about what the right community association software can do for your team? Connect with a FRONTSTEPS representative today.

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