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Self-Service Features Your Residents Will Love

Remember in the not so distant past when you had to pick up the phone to book a hotel or plane ticket? Whether you were going through a travel agent or calling the airline directly, booking a trip was a time-consuming task. Thanks to the digital revolution, you no longer have to make a call to book a trip. Instead, you simply visit a site like or Expedia, click your mouse or tap your finger a couple times, enter your credit card information (or even scan your credit card with your smartphone camera), and your trip is booked. After experiencing the simplicity of booking online, can you imagine going back to the old way of doing things?

People expect, not want, to be able to do things and find answers to questions on their own. In fact:

  • 50% of customers think it’s important to solve product or service issues on their own
  • 70% of customers expect a company’s website to include a self-service application
  • By 2020, it’s expected that customers will manage 85% of their relationship with a business without interacting with a human

Seeing that self-service adoption is increasing, what processes do you have in place for your residents to find information and make reservations on their own? Do they have to pick up a phone, send an email, and have multiple conversations in order to do simple things?

There are software platforms, like FRONTSTEPS, available to help your property management company offer convenient self-service features to your residents. From digital dues and fees payments to online amenity reservations, discover which self-service features your community needs and residents will love in our free download, 6-Step Guide to Providing an Exceptional Resident Experience.

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