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Preventing Conflict within Your Community

Effective communication is essential when finding success within your community. Sometimes we’re brought an uncomfortable situation because of conflict by a homeowner, or between two homeowners. There has to be some ways to deal with this, right? Let’s look at some tactics to effectively prevent conflict and improve overall communication for all parties.   

Create a Communication Strategy! Community Associations Institute recommends creating a comprehensive, proactive communication plan. This will help contribute to productive meetings, satisfied homeowners, balanced budgets, supportive residents, eager buyers, and low delinquencies. In addition to preparing an overarching strategy for your communities, you should encourage and facilitate relationships among homeowners.

*Say Hello! Be friendly, saying “hiin the mailroom or when your neighbor is walking their dog can go a long way.

*Let your neighbors know if you starting construction work or planning a party. Be courteous to those around you.

*Avoid gossiping, especially on community websites and accounts.

*Try to talk directly to your neighbors if there’s a problem.

*Understand your neighbor’s perspective and be respectful, particularly since differences in age, ethnic background, and longevity in the community can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or problems.

“It is best to ensure that your verbal and non-verbal cues match and the only way to do this is with self-awareness./em>

Be aware of what your body language! You might not mean to put off an inconsiderate vibe, but your body language could be saying something different.  For example, crossing your arms, and not making eye contact could leave others with the impression that you’re not interest or don’t care

Often, we prioritize our own needs. We think about what we want to get across especially if someone misunderstood us or displayed incompetence. Try being empathetic! Before you say anything, check in with yourself to see how you would feel if you were on the other side. If it hurt you or made you feel upset, rephrase your message.

The truth is, communication is something simple yet complex because it involves other people and emotions. But with self-awareness, understanding and a plan, we can become better at communicating effectively!

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