Pool Reminders for the Summer

Warm weather is here, and you know what that means, the pool is open! Time for your homeowners to enjoy those amenities and spend their summer days at the pool. As an association you have a number of things to complete before the pool is even open, but once you unlock those gates you might want to remind homeowners of a few rules.

You’ll want to spread the news of these reminders, be sure to include the up-to-date information within your community portals and newsletter. Of course, every association is going to have different rules that have been approved by their board, but here are a few broad topics to get you started;

1. Age requirements for entering and staying at the pool. This will help remind homeowners that they cannot send their children to the pool without supervision. “Anyone under the age of __ must be accompanied by an adult at all times.Remind pool goers that children must wear swim diapers into the pool or pool area.

3. Pool hours of operation. This is extremely important if you don’t have a lifeguard on duty. You can also include any repercussions here if homeowners do not obey the hours.

4. Lifeguard introductions. This can be a nice way to spread information about these employees in your community. You might even consider posting on social media and include their certifications, and backgrounds.

A few more Tips & Tricks:

– Utilize signs around the pool area, to remind homeowners of rules and regulations

– Always be prepared for emergencies! Accidents do happen, and when they do it’s important to have equipment and help standing by. Make sure you have refilled the first aid kits around the pool areas. If you have a large pool you should keep a few of these kits on hand.

– Supervision! No matter if you have lifeguard on duty or not, make sure your homeowners know how important it is to keep a close eye on people swimming while at the pool.

Hopefully with these tips your pool will flourish in the upcoming summer months! Keep the pool safety conversation going throughout the entire season, within your community portals and social media!

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