Leveraging Communication Tools

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity Nat Turner

You’ll find communication at the core of every successful conversation, transaction, and business opportunity. There isn’t anything new when thinking about the concept of communication, but technology is allowing us to advance and streamline how we communicate. 

According to an MRI article about leveraging technology, “Implement communication tools that fit your business. Ultimately, no matter how fun or cool modern communication methods may seem, consideration should be given to whether they are right for the company culture and size./p>

This concept of communication tools not only applies to your management team, but your board members, and your community members. By now you have most likely found methods of communicating with your employees, but have you updated how your communicating with your board or homeowners?

Technology is enabling companies to revamp standard internal communication methods. “Leveraging these platforms in a meaningful way is increasingly becoming necessary to drive employees to become active participants in the work culture.Even though being a homeowner within a community is a little different that participating at work, you can still employ the same components to drive participation. This type of software creates an enjoyable, engaging environment that can drive homeowners to your site, and answer many of their own questions with the resources provided.

FRONTSTEPS Portals offer simplified communication. Having an informed, educated community is a happy community. By utilizing community portals you can show homeowners the true value you bring by keeping them up-to-date on all news, events, and things they need to know about their community.

FRONTSTEPS Community Portals Provide;

  • Multipage website with CMS
  • Bulletins with text and email
  • Templated emails
  • Calendar
  • Reservations
  • And More!

One of the most important relationships is between management and homeowners. Constant communication helps facilitate that evolving relationship. When individuals move into a community, one of their first steps is inserting themselves and finding their place within the association. Community portals are a great resource for new homeowners, it can serve as a place to get answers to common questions, due dates, details on rules, and connect with neighbors via communication discussions!  

Interested on why this type of technology is becoming so important? Check out this video on “The Sweet Spot for Leveraging Communication

If you have any questions about how FRONTSTEPS has created streamlined communication software connect with a representative today!

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