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Inefficiencies Damaging Community Management

Inefficient processes within community management can waste up to 523 working hours a month. That’s equivalent to wasting $11,819 or 3 employees.

Communities provide homeowners with feelings of inclusion, belonging, and connectivity. It may seem like an easy task to keep these communities flourishing, but there are several inefficiencies that can cause disruption and stress behind the scenes.

Management companies are on a mission to maintain and improve property values, as well as to make homeowners happy. Taking care of homeowners can be one of the most demanding tasks, luckily for management teams today software helps sustain and support day to day activities that keep these communities functioning. Therefore, teams can pivot their focus to homeowners and foster important relationships that keep everyone happy.

One piece of this disorganization is managing too many tools. Most management companies use between 4-6 pieces of software on a daily basis. This includes community management software, accounts payable software, email software, accounting software, accounts receivable software, as well as maintenance software. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you only had one piece of software? Well FRONTSTEPS provides an all-in-one solution that can save teams time and energy in the long run. 

Homeowners Looking At Home

One huge part of managing a community is staying up to date with violations. Walking around your communities to issue these warnings can take on average 3 hours. The manager has to drive to the community, walk the properties and take notes by hand, take pictures, enter all the information into the software system when they get back to the office, and then drive to the next community. Talk about a huge waste of time! Not only does this take too much time, but there is an increased room for human error by manually transcribing notes. Fortunately, there is an easy fix, employ one solution with FRONTSTEPS. Our integrated platforms allow you to issue these violations while on the go, take picture and attach them to the individual violation, and save your team a tremendous amount of work.  

Not only do these inefficiencies harm your community management process they are impacting your finances, communication, and security within your communities. Stop waiting time and inconveniencing your teams, get an all-in-one solution today with FRONTSTEPS.

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