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How to Recruit Volunteers

Volunteers do so much for the communities they serve. They facilitate involvement and make the communities a better place to live. However, finding these motivated individuals can be a difficult task. Often times, we feel bad asking the same homeowners to consistently devote their time. Below, we’ve included a few ways that we can reach a more diverse group of homeowners who want to continue working with our communities.

Ask Early Start recruiting volunteers early. Tap into the excitement and energy people bring to their new home. Ask them to volunteer and get involved to channel that enthusiasm in a way that benefits the entire community. This also allows others who continuously want to volunteer to get some dates on that busy calendar of theirs. You can’t be upset when you don’t have enough volunteers due to poor planning. Start early, and get a sign up bulletin going as soon as possible.

Be Specific & Provide Guidance People want to know what the expectation is, so instead of calling for volunteers ask for people to do specific jobs. Give some directions before the event, this will allow your volunteers have prior knowledge and come more prepared.

Make Accommodations Your homeowners have a lot going on. Don’t shame individuals if they have prior engagements and can only help out for a specific time. Often enough, they’ll put in hard work until they need to go. Accept their offer with open arms and don’t turn them away just because they can make it for the whole length of the event. This also shows the volunteers that you respect their time, and the effort they are exhibiting.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Continue to extend your sincerest thanks to all volunteers throughout the entirety of the event. If it’s within your budget thank you notes, and gift cards go a long way.

Did you know volunteering increases self-confidence and provides those who serve a sense of purpose? Many people don’t realize all the benefits that donating your time can have. If you’re still struggling to find volunteers within your communities, ask high schoolers to devote their time. Often enough, students need to have a specific amount of volunteer hours before they are eligible to graduate.

Remember, your communities can continuously work towards perfecting and gaining different groups of homeowners as volunteers. Great things can happen when people come together!

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