How to Optimize and Continuously Improve Your Resident Engagement Strategy

Resident engagement is an ongoing strategy, meaning that it needs to remain a top priority for your team throughout the year. It’s important to make sure the efforts of your team are paying off and the work they’re doing is actually leading to increased engagement. If it’s not and nothing is done to adjust the strategy, there’s a good chance managers will get tired of doing work that isn’t paying off and will let their content, surveys, and updates fall to the wayside. Instead, work to encourage your team to take time each month to analyze their efforts and determine what’s going well and what needs adjustments.

Fortunately, FRONTSTEPS offers reports that can make the process of analyzing engagement efforts easy.

User Stats

This report provides insight into what posts residents are engaging with most. Have managers analyze these reports to help them draft similar content to the posts that receive higher engagement.


This report shows how long it takes your team to respond to and close work orders and amenity bookings. If you see that your team takes an average of four days to respond to amenity reservations, residents are going to start making phone calls to get this done. Create KPIs around these stats so your team has something to strive towards. Remember, the more residents do through the portal, the more efficient it is for everyone in the community, including your mangers.

It’s important that you present this strategy to your team as a test, letting them know that you won’t always get everything right the first time around. The difference will be how they use these learnings and fail forward to make the necessary changes to move improvements in the future.

For more information on resident engagement, get your free copy of our six-step guide today!

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