Holiday Crime Stats Your Management Company Should Know About

There’s a strong belief that the holiday season is a hot time for burglars. Perhaps it’s the notion of having high-value gifts sitting near doors and windows that might easily catch thieves’ attention, or maybe the classic movie Home Alone created this idea in our heads that robbers are out and about looking for empty homes to steal from.

It’s interesting to note that burglaries do not actually increase during the holiday season. Most burglaries occur during the summer. However, robberies and personal larcenies do increase during December by about 20%. So, what’s the difference between the three? According to

  • Burglary: In instances where someone breaks into a property without consent with the express intent of committing a theft crime.
  • Robbery: In instances where someone steals something from someone else and the perpetrator inflicts physical harm or intimidates the victim.
  • Larceny: Involves theft of someone’s property or belongings without their knowledge.

To help keep your communities safe from thieves looking to rob or commit larceny, we recommend taking the following steps during the holiday season.

Send Reminders to Residents

Using your newsletter or digital bulletin, be sure to send simple safety reminders to residents throughout the holiday season. Remind them not to leave valuables in their cars overnight and to always lock their doors and windows. If they’re be out of town, ensure they’ve asked someone they trust to check on their house, gather their mail and newspaper, and shovel their sidewalk.

Utilize Security Software

If you have guards or gates in place at your community, remind residents and staff to properly utilize the software you have in place to keep the community safe. Remind residents to setup visitor passes for friends and family ahead of time to reduce wait times at the gate and ensure only those who belong in the community can gain access. Be sure to walk staff through the importance of following up on expired visitor passes, properly checking visitors in, and double checking the Watchlist throughout the holiday season.

Encourage Vigilance

No community is 100% safe. That’s why it’s important to encourage residents to speak up when they notice something that seems off. From interesting-looking characters to worries about potential break-ins, encourage residents to always reach out to your team when they notice something awry in the community. It’s always better to err on the safe side than to let a potential crime occur.

For tips on how to better secure your community, download our free checklist!

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