HOA Favorability Amongst Homeowners


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According to the latest 2020 Homeowner Satisfaction Survey, Community Associations remain a “Preferred Place to Call Home”! Communities and their management teams always try to please the homeowners they serve, but did you know 89% of homeowners rate their HOA experience as very good or neutral? The latest polls have shown favorability toward these associations and all they do to provide for community members.

Here are some of the most recent statistics the CAI survey found;

–      89% say members of their elected governing board “absolutelyor “for the most partserve the best interests of their communities

–      74% say their community managers provide value and support too residents within their associations

–      94% say their associations rules protect and enhance property values

While it’s impressive that the results of these polls are overwhelmingly positive, past research shows that for the past 8 years, community members have been happy with the associations they reside in.

When it comes to the best aspects of living within an association, the responses vary. However, here are a few of the top responses throughout the years!

–      Maintenance Free Neighborhood

–      Clean and Attractive Neighborhood

–      Community Amenities like Pools and Tennis Courts

As always there are going to be aspects of communities that management and boards can seek to improve such as;

–      Restrictions on Exterior Home Improvements

–      Dealing with Difficult Neighbors or Members

–      Restrictions on Landscaping

Keeping communities and their members happy is a difficult task. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. You can check out all the survey results here!


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