FRONTSTEPS Leadership Series – Jamie Clymer

We’re excited to kick off our first blog in our FRONTSTEPS Leadership Series, by interviewing CEO, Jamie Clymer to get his thoughts on this past year within the community association management space and where it will head in 2021.

Q: What was your big takeaway from 2020?

A: Management companies and associations did a great job last year adapting to unforeseen circumstances while continuing to serve homeowners to the best of their abilities. Just as FRONTSTEPS was required to shift their efforts to a work from home lifestyle, so did many management companies that serve hundreds upon hundreds of homeowners each day.  

Q: What are you hearing in the market currently?

A: Community Managers and staff have settled into a post COVID-19 work balance. We’re seeing more and more management companies reach out, looking for tools that can help their staff work remotely. Management companies are splitting time working remotely and being present in the office, especially the first week of every month. Management Companies are seeing a decrease in homeowners visiting their offices, and an increase in calls, emails, and virtual meetings. Communication tools such as text alerts, and voice broadcasting are more important than they have ever been. These changes make it even more pressing to have an advanced software system to help work remotely allow management companies to stay in contact with the clients they serve.  

Q: What is a challenge our industry will face in 2021?

A: One of the biggest challenge’s management teams will face in 2021 is furthering the adoption of technology by management teams, as well as homeowners. One of the most important functions of a management team is the ability to sustain a consistent workflow. FRONTSTEPS offers solutions such as mobile apps and highly integrated tools that save time, and build efficiency. By encouraging people to use technology, homeowners and management teams save time, are more productive, and have a much better experience. Using integrated technology reduces stress, and accommodates better, more successful workflows for teams. Implementing solutions to help management stay on top of requests is essential within a prosperous community.

Jamie continued to speak on how imperative it is for homeowners to stay connected to current events within their communities. The adoption of technology amongst homeowners has never been higher, more and more owners want to check in on the community on their own time and pay assessments at their convenience. Engaging with technology such as homeowner portals, and mobile applications, allow homeowners to have greater accessibility, and knowledge about their communities on a regular basis. Not only does this technology help managers and their workload, but it keeps the community in a safer position by limiting that face-to-face contact.  

One question a manager might ask themselves is, “How will you continue to effectively manage your communities, and help your company continue to grow, evolve and thrive in 2021?Whether that be with technology, focusing your efforts on building relationships, or expanding your portfolio, FRONTSTEPS wishes you the best of luck. We can’t wait to hear about your successes in 2021! Let us know your thoughts, send us an email [email protected].  

Jamie Clymer is the CEO of FRONTSTEPS. Jamie has worked in the community management space for over two decades, and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and determination to the industry.  

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