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FRONTSTEPS Gets Kantech Certified

For so much of the past year, I’ve spent my workdays and on-call nights practically breathing the ins-and-outs of HID access control systems for our dwellingLIVE customers. I’ve learned that diagnosing the ailments that sometimes come along with technology isn’t always easy. It’s like solving a Rubik’s Cube that’s not actually in your hands, but perhaps thousands of miles away controlling people’s ability to come and go from their communities. That’s not something I take lightly.

With FRONTSTEPS Secure now on the market, I knew that it was time to take a deep dive into Kantech access control hardware, as we’re very excited that our new security platform is fully integrated with Kantech and HID. Nothing could have prepared me for the tremendous amount of information I learned during my Kantech certification last week. My head was swimming at times, but I rode the wave. I came away from those two days invigorated by how quickly the security industry is moving to ensure our communities are safer and more secure.

There are so many exciting features to come with FRONTSTEPS Secure’s Kantech integration that we couldn’t have dreamed of on our legacy platforms, dwellingLIVE and Capsure. As technological capabilities skyrocket, it’s exciting to have a new platform that can keep up with the industry trends. One of those trends we’re hearing more about from our customers is the desire to host their servers on the cloud. In the past, communities using Kantech hardware would have to incur the costly expense of maintaining a server computer and paying for service calls each time something went wonky. With the Hattrix technology available to host servers on the cloud, and with the ability to link to our software with a simple sign on, many of these issues can be resolved without having to deploy a technician.

A coworker of mine always jokes that your ’57 Chevy might get you to the grocery store, but it’s not going to have the safety offerings or lux experience of a new Mercedes. And yes, I am going to come out and say the FRONTSTEPS Secure is the sparkling new Mercedes you can’t wait to drive home.

To learn more about how emerging technology is transforming community security, download our free whitepaper!

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