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Exciting Enhancements are Coming to FRONTSTEPS

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve likely heard about our #YouAskedWeListened initiative in which we are focused on developing features and enhancements to make our platform even easier to use. Our customers have been providing excellent feedback to our team which we’re taking to heart and using to make our platform even better.

We are excited to announce some big changes will be coming to the platform in the very near future. We will be launching a condensed, user-friendly navigation within FRONTSTEPS. Here’s everything you need to know about this change.

Navigation Overview

A new, clean left-hand navigation is going live in FRONTSTEPS. The goal is to make it easier for customers to navigate throughout the software, helping you find the features you’re looking for with ease. The new navigation groups related features within a convenient dropdown menu underneath nine main categories. Below you’ll see the current navigation compared to the new navigation.

Current Navigation
New Navigation

Why Are We Making This Change?

Our in-house User Experience Designer, Michelle Blake, has been performing user testing to determine where enhancements need to be made to make the platform more intuitive. She discovered that some users were having a difficult time navigating throughout the tool and were getting stuck on some of the naming conventions being used. Based on these learnings, as well as feedback from customers like you, Michelle developed the refreshed navigation seen above. Watch the video below learn more about why we made these changes and see a demo of the new layout.

We’d Love Your Feedback

We’re going to continue making usability enhancements to our platform, but we need your help! We encourage you to visit our digital Productboard to provide feedback, vote on feature requests, and learn more about the features we’re currently working on. We are grateful for your feedback, as it’s helping move our company forward so we can continue developing the very best community management platform in the industry.

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