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Community Management Software On The Move

One of the most irritating aspects of working today is getting that stable Wi-Fi connection. Community managers have struggled in the past when working within communities to update and issue violations without this type of connection. These struggles can cause work to be lost, take more time than necessary, and cause mistakes.  

Did you know it can take a manager 3 hours on average to walk and take note of violations for just one community? At the end of the day the manager is spending additional time typing in all the violations to their accounting software. In addition to manually transcribing these notes, there’s room for error and what happens if they write down the wrong address? In total your management company could be wasting up to 150 hours because of out dated, inefficient processes.

One solution that enables management teams to work consistently on the move, is Caliber Mobile. Caliber Mobile is our legacy mobile inspection application and it allows your staff to complete inspections without an internet connection. The application can run from a Windows-based tablet and be synchronized before heading out of the office. Once an inspection is complete, the user simply synchronizes the device again to push all new data into the core database.

Management teams can create, edit, advance violations, assign vendors to maintenance requests, and add photos and notes within Caliber mobile. Once they return to the office, user simply sync the device with the platform and everything is automatically processed 

Many communities have seen a significant increase in productivity by being able to work from anywhere. They can issue violations when driving throughout the community, and update records as needed. 

“Caliber Software has been wonderful from the start! They helped us get setup quick and kept the transition manageable and easy. Now that we are using the software on a daily basis, the features in the software has made the entire office more efficient.- Mac A. (Leeland Management)

Interesting in learning more about outdate inefficient processes? Checkout this infographic! If you’re ready to utilize the most efficient community management software in our space, connect with a FRONTSTEPS representative today!

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