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What Communities Can Learn from Consumer Smart Home Preferences

A home is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, investments consumers will make in their lifetime. In a recent survey conducted by our team, 80% of residents reported that security is critical to their happiness and community enjoyment. People desire to live in safe communities, and to further protect their investment, belongings, and family, the adoption of smart home security devices is growing at a rapid rate.

Resideo, Honeywell’s smart home spinoff, surveyed consumers to determine which smart home devices they were most likely to purchase this year. Security devices including cameras and entire-home security systems topped the list. Think about all the available options for smart home technology: mirrors, sprinkler systems, kitchens appliances, televisions, thermostats, light bulbs, and more. With all of these incredible devices hitting the market, consumers are prioritizing devices focused on keeping them safe.

Property management companies and boards should take note of this data. To further prove your dedication to serving and protecting your residents, and to stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends, it’s more important than ever before to select a smart security management software provider. Here’s what to look for when researching smart providers:

  • Cloud Connection: While “the cloudhas become somewhat of a buzzword, it’s a vital component of security software. Find a platform that stores important information, such as forensic data, on the cloud. Being able to quickly pull reports within a matter of seconds on who was in the community when an incident occurred can have a significant impact on investigations.
  • Resident Self-Service: Search for a solution that puts time consuming tasks for your staff members into the hands of your residents. Finding a solution that allows residents to create visitor passes on their own, can be pitched to residents as an added benefit of living in your community. Your residents will love the convenience of handling this task on their own, as will your staff seeing that it will reduce the manual work associated with processing visitors. Talk about a win-win situation.
  • Key Integrations: Take note of the new smart home technology hitting the market. Many of these devices are labeled as “Works with Nestor offer a Siri or Alexa integration. Seamless integration is a key feature of smart home technology, so make sure you’re selecting a software provider that integrates with the current hardware you have in place. That way, you can have best in class software without going through the expensive process of ripping and replacing hardware.

Interested in learning more about smart security management software? Download our free whitepaper, Reinventing Security Technology in the Property Management Space.

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