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UserVoice Ideas Are Live!

You voted, and we listened! In the first half of 2021, we launched the following ideas for Caliber directly from UserVoice, our community feature request platform. Collectively, these ideas gathered nearly 150 votes from our users!

We look forward to continuing this momentum for Caliber as part of the FRONTSTEPS Suite.

Check/Uncheck All Option Added to Owner Mail Matrix

This Check/Uncheck All option will save you time assigning or updating Mail Matrix settings on a per-Homeowner basis.

Expired Vendor Insurance Warning Displayed on Maintenance Items

Similar to our Violations module, when assigning a Vendor to a Maintenance item with missing or expired insurance in Vendor Management, a text warning is displayed immediately on-screen.

AutoResize and Date/Time Stamp Added for Pictures Uploaded to Caliber Anywhere

To optimize upload speeds during property inspections, picture files are now automatically resized to a standard resolution when attached to an item in Caliber Anywhere. Once uploaded, a Date and Time Stamp is now visible for each picture.

Payment Type Column Added to Invoice Viewer

The Payment Type column is now available on the Invoice Viewer. To open the Invoice Viewer from the Top Ribbon, click View > Toolboxes > Invoice Viewer.

AutoComplete Text Added to Vendor in AP Invoice Entry

Similar to the Client field within the Invoice Entry window, once in the Vendor field, simply start typing the name of the Vendor and watch Caliber immediately suggest Vendor names as you begin typing!  

ACH Definition Last Modified By Tracking Added on Owner Account

The Last Modified By column is now available on the ACH Definition Toolbox and ACH Definition window on the Account Dashboard. Users can see if a definition was last edited by a team member in Caliber Desktop or by a Homeowner in Caliber Portal.

Drag and Drop Added to Pictures Tab of Violations and Maintenance Items

From the Pictures tab of a Violation or Maintenance item, simply click and drag a picture file (.bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif) from your computer and drop them onto the file area. Once the picture is uploaded, you can then edit the Caption and Save your item.

Mutual of Omaha to CIT Bank Rebranding

All instances of Mutual of Omaha appearing in Caliber have been updated to CIT Bank. NOTE: Bank Names added to the Master Bank List will need to be updated manually.

Account Number, Hearing Date, and Next Fine Amount Columns Added to Violation Viewer

In order to more quickly process your community’s Violations, we have made the Homeowner’s Account Number, next upcoming Hearing Date, and Next Fine Amount from your Notification Process available for display in the Violation Viewer. To add these new columns, you must right-click on any column header, select Column Chooser, and drag-and-drop the columns into the Viewer.

UserVoice Ideas Coming Soon…

  • Select Recipients When Creating Statements
  • Copy Text from Dashboards

Stay tuned for more idea updates to come and check out our Product Roadmap on the Support Site for our latest news. We encourage you and your team members to continue voting and posting ideas to make Caliber even greater!

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