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Training Management Teams on Customer Service

Customer service shouldn’t be an afterthought, especially in the world of community management. Management teams have a ton to juggle, and being a support representative is one of the many duties that inevitably follow. Building and fostering healthy relationships with homeowners is a critical aspect of a communities’ success. Another reason why management teams should direct their focus to regular customer service training.  

What is customer service training? 

According to HubSpot, customer service training is the coaching that employees receive to improve support and satisfaction among customers or homeowners!

Why is customer service training necessary? 

Happy homeowners in many scenarios equal happy management teams. Homeowners that have had good experiences in the past are sources of new business, and teams should focus on delivering outstanding service to enhance homeowners’ expectations within the communities in which they reside.

If you feel like customer service has been lacking on your management team, it’s probably time for a training session. It’s a good idea to implement good customer service practices from the beginning, and you might consider adding this topic to your onboarding practices for new employees. However, everyone needs practice and reminders. Your team should revisit the issue of customer service practices quarterly or yearly, depending on your teams’ size and activity. In some scenarios, time-sensitive training might need to occur, and these meetings might be held if you have some big changes occurring or if there’s a significant problem that requires a lot of communication with homeowners.

Skills for Customer Service

  • Good Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Resourcefulness
  • Passion

Reviews and suitable recommendations are monumental in any business. Management teams interact with the most critical aspect of communities every day, your homeowners. It’s vital to have training and conversations around good customer service practices to advance your communities and put your business on a path for success.  

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