The Basics of Visitor Management

Today, visitor management software is more important than ever. Not only does this software help keep your community safe from thieves, but it can help organize and track individuals that come in and out of your communities. This is critical when identifying homeowners who could have been potentially been exposed to COVID-19.

What is Visitor Management?

Visitor management software is used within schools, businesses, and communities to gather and record information about individuals that come into these spaces. These systems help organize data and provide documentation as far as when and where these visitors were granted access.

In the past, many communities have used basic pen and paper as tracking systems. There are several reasons why pen and paper constitute error; such as, skipping the sign in sheet, or providing false information. Today, technology allows for individuals to get access more quickly and efficiently than before.

Visitor Management Software

Today, software allows you to pre-register visitors, receive SMS and email notifications, create customer data fields, and send QR codes for easier guest entry.

One of the best features regarding this technology is the storage. You won’t have to make copies of the guest sheet or log them by hand into the computer. Efficient visitor management software organizes and stores this information automatically. This stockpile of data becomes even more important when a community member/visitor tests positive for COVID-19. Community management can easily track and contact individuals that this person might have come in contact with.

What should I look for when searching for an adequate Visitor Management Software?

–      Convenient Integrations

–      Customizable Passes

–      Resident Self-Services

–      Vital Data

Burglars target properties that are easily accessible. By employing a visitor management system your association can take the first step in securing your community.

Did you know that FRONTSTEPS offers streamlined credentialed access? Learn more about how our software can transform the way you secure and manage your communities.

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