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Staying Productive While Working Remotely

According to Owl Labs, roughly 62% of employees between the ages of 22 and 65 say they work remotely at least occasionally.

2020 was a year of embracing the work from home lifestyle. Many individuals have since then returned to their offices, but some employers have chosen to keep their workforce at home full time. 77% of remote employees say they are more productive working from home than in the office, and obviously companies have taken note of this! With decisions to keep workforces remote, there comes a responsibility from these companies to educate and check in with employees to make sure they are balancing this change, and making the most out of their workday.

One thing that comes highly recommended is to set expectations for yourself on a daily basis. Working remotely can be a challenge and staying productive can be hard. However, by working to set these expectations daily, you’ll create small but healthy habits that are more likely to stick.

While some individuals may struggle staying motivated working from home, there are benefits that come with this lifestyle change. People value different things about working from home two of the most popular benefits include the flexible schedule, and being able to work from any location they desire!

Work from home benefits pie chart

According to HubSpot here are 9 tricks to focus on to become more productive while working from home;

1.    Place aside table next to your desk.

2.    Create clear stopping points.

3.    Keep short-term and long-term (STLT) benefits in mind.

4.    Own your calendar.

5.    Use a notebook or to-do list app.

6.    Take more breaks.

7.    Don’t forget about work life balance.

8.    Build lasting habits.

9.    Give your employees resources. 

The amount of people who worked remotely at least once per week, has grown by 400% since 2010! Due to the pandemic in 2020 these rates have increased even more. If you’re still working from home or have co-workers in this position check in, and send them these tips and tricks to stay motivated. Want even more WFH tips? Check out HubSpot’s remote work page!

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